joi, 25 octombrie 2007

Balada tristeţii

Mă scald în lacrimi argintii
Şi mă las victimă durerii.
Aştept cu patimă sfârşitul
Şi fac pace cu destinul.

Dar resemnarea nu-i o cale,
Eu voi lupta în continuare.
Chiar dacă toate-s efemere,
Nu-nseamnă că moartea-i o plăcere.

Alerg pe plaiurile raiului durerii
Şi înot în marea neplăcerii.
Şi visele mi le arunc in zare.

Îi mai pasă cuiva oare?

sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2007

City Traffic Puzzle

My fav song ^.^


Escape into the eerie night
In the dark I’m out of sight
Shadows on the alley wall
Are dancing like a lovers brawl

North south east and west
Foreign land is right and left
Don’t let them see you cry
I didn’t know which way was home
Ten degrees without a coat
Don’t let them see you cry

I don’t want to love you if love leaves me this cold
I don’t want to love you if love is this alone

Silence couldn’t stop the sound
The news and gossip got around
A whisper here whisper there
I do but don’t know why I care

Eyes hang from the sockets of our faces
You said no and I don’t think I can take it
This cars caving in
Rains on in the city traffic puzzle
Shifting pieces just like my stomach
Were both so alone
Love sick and were sick of it
Were both on the same page
Don’t feel the same way

The garbage can of love

Sitting in the chair of loneliness,
Holding the bottle of happiness,
Thinking there’s slightly any beer left,
And that the pizza of love has been eaten,
Meaning there is nothing left for me
And how desperately I wanted to taste some of it.

I am damned to never know the meaning of love,
To eat from the eternal plate of sadness,
To hold the knife of madness,
Eating the meal of despair,
Thinking that there might be somebody
Hiding behind the cupboard of nothingness
Waiting for me to realize that he was always there.

Maybe love is somewhere in the ashtray of serenity
And it was consumed along with the cigarette of tranquility.
Searching among the ashes, maybe I’ll find it,
In the end I am left disappointed that
I am leaning against the wall of agony
Terribly suffering of envy.

Why must I be the one not to have anybody
Waiting for me somewhere?
What is love, anyway?

A garbage can waiting to be emptied.

vineri, 19 octombrie 2007

The Party Of Feelings

I’m sitting down again at that table,
That table where we always used to stay,
Always used to talk and smile,
But this is just not one of those days.
We are not here to laugh and have fun,
We’re here to say goodbye.
I wish I could take root right here,
Never to be forced to leave,
But, unfortunately, this can’t be.
All of the hate, sadness and fear
I have englobed inside my heart
Brought us here, the end of our road,
The road we always walked together,
Holding our hands, and smiling inside:
“We’ll be together to the end of time.”

I’m swimming in my own ocean,
An ocean, the puzzle of tears,
Which I proudly put together,
Creating the image of true despair.
Still hoping, naively, that
I will find you here, waiting
For me to come again.
Seeking trough the darkness
Hoping to see your evil grin,
I see that it remains nothing,
Only the memory of my sin.

I kept repeating: I’m not alone.
And now I find myself
At that table where we used to talk
We used to laugh and courteously blink
One to the other, with our sparkling eyes
Giving away all that we felt.

Sitting on the chair you used to stay
Smiling to the plate you used to eat from
Holding your knife, which you usually used,
And ordering the food we used to eat together.
I see you moving away, choosing your own road
That I will never be able to follow
And in my mind your last word resounds in echo:

And I guess this was the end of the party of our feelings…
Because love is not just a simple feeling,
Is the combination of all the feelings in the world,
Combined with divine
dexterity by the hand of destiny.

vineri, 12 octombrie 2007


Un test simpatic pe care l-am găsit şi eu pe net :)

Cum se face?

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesnt make sense.
4. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

Deci… cred ca incepe :

1.How are you feeling today?

Thursday - This Side of Brightness (Hmm… somehow… )

2.Will you get far in life?

The Hush Sound - We Intertwined (Hmmm… this sounds confusing )

3.How do your friends see you?

Oasis - Stand By Me (Interesting)

4.Will you get married?

Evanescence - I Must Be Dreaming (Is this like a… maybe? )

5.What is your best friend’s theme?

No Use For A Name - There Will Be Revenge (This doesen’t sound good at all )

6.What is the story of your life?

Sepultura – Propaganda (I wouldn’t be so sure )

7.What was high school like?

Tegan and Sara - I know I know I know (We’ll see )

8.How can you get ahead in life?

Bullet for my Valentine - Tears don't fall (I’ll keep this in mind )

9.What is the best thing about your friends?

Iced Earth & Blind Guardian – Excalibur (Whaaa… ?! )

10.What is in store for this weekend?

Thursday - I Am The Killer (This makes me feel like I have a really evil ego )

11.What song describes you?

Faith and the Muse - The Sea Angler (Really? )

12.To describe your grandparents?

Viţa de Vie - Zale de mătase (I kind of doubt it or… not? )

13.How is your life going?

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (Hmm… it depends on the point of view… hmm… so, it’s not really available… )

14.What song will they play at your funeral?

Guano Apes - Dödel Up ( OMG! )

15.How does the world see you?

Panic at the Disco - Killer Queen (Pretty available )

16.Will you have a happy life?

Bon Jovi - Have a nice day (Seems like )

17.What do your friends really think of you?

Sister hazel- Your winter (Well… it might be true )

18.Do people secretly lust after you?

Linkin Park - Part of me (Well… seems like it )

19.How can I make myself happy?

Sugarcult - Shaking (I wonder )

20.What should you do with your life?

Miss Platnum- Give Me The Food (Awesoooome )

marți, 2 octombrie 2007

Versuri de toamnă tarzie

de Mihai Beniuc

Mâhnirile se lasă pe sufletul meu iar
Ca negura de toamnă pe câmpul solitar.
Grăbit s-adună stoluri şi pleacă undeva.
Mă doare vara stinsă şi amintirea ta.
Fără folos tăria înnourată plânge,
Încheagă asfinţitul băltoaca lui de sânge
Şi ca o zdreanţă udă pe lume cade seara
Prin ceaţă munţii gârbovi abia-şi mai duc povara ...
La ce bordei cu geamuri aprinse-n beznă roşii
Voi bate când a ploaie se vor porni cocoşii?
Mi-i dor să stau la masă sub lampa cu petrol,
S-ascult cum plânge ploaia cu glasul ei domol,
Să răsfoiesc alene o carte şi să-mi pară
Odaia ţărănească prin fumul de ţigară
Visatul cuib de calde şi blânde fericiri –
Porneşte lin vioara tristeţii-n amintiri.
Şcolarule, ţii minte? Caietul de latina
Era-nsemnat pe margini cu versuri ce suspină
Şi înflorea departe un dulce pui de om.
Dar alţii scuturară copt rodul scump din pom.
Pe urmă alte unde s-au scurs pe matca vremii.
Am poposit odată la marginea poemii
Şi am intrat în casă şi n-am vrut să mai plec.
Din vinul poeziei beam până la înec.
Dar nu ştiu cum azi vinul a devenit salciu.
Sătul de mine însumi un altul vreau sa fiu.
De-aceea poate astăzi când negura se lasă
Mă podideşte dorul să am şi eu o casă –
Un pic de bucurie cu alţii în comun,
Cui lucruri ne-nsemnate şi gingăşii să-i spun –
Ci fără margini ceaţa pe câmpul ud se-ntinde
Şi nici un geam în beznă lumina nu-şi aprinde.

O poezie care pentru mine înseamnă foarte mult :)