vineri, 19 octombrie 2007

The Party Of Feelings

I’m sitting down again at that table,
That table where we always used to stay,
Always used to talk and smile,
But this is just not one of those days.
We are not here to laugh and have fun,
We’re here to say goodbye.
I wish I could take root right here,
Never to be forced to leave,
But, unfortunately, this can’t be.
All of the hate, sadness and fear
I have englobed inside my heart
Brought us here, the end of our road,
The road we always walked together,
Holding our hands, and smiling inside:
“We’ll be together to the end of time.”

I’m swimming in my own ocean,
An ocean, the puzzle of tears,
Which I proudly put together,
Creating the image of true despair.
Still hoping, naively, that
I will find you here, waiting
For me to come again.
Seeking trough the darkness
Hoping to see your evil grin,
I see that it remains nothing,
Only the memory of my sin.

I kept repeating: I’m not alone.
And now I find myself
At that table where we used to talk
We used to laugh and courteously blink
One to the other, with our sparkling eyes
Giving away all that we felt.

Sitting on the chair you used to stay
Smiling to the plate you used to eat from
Holding your knife, which you usually used,
And ordering the food we used to eat together.
I see you moving away, choosing your own road
That I will never be able to follow
And in my mind your last word resounds in echo:

And I guess this was the end of the party of our feelings…
Because love is not just a simple feeling,
Is the combination of all the feelings in the world,
Combined with divine
dexterity by the hand of destiny.

2 comentarii:

Graţiela - Teodora Vlad spunea...

nice... you got a mark for this... right? :X

Joc de nuanţe spunea...

Yup, I got a mark ^.^ Thanks for the appreciation!
And by the way, loved you poem :p Way funny ~_~