marți, 15 iulie 2008

Funny thing.

Ca să compensez absenţa...
o listă dubioasă pe care am găsit-o pe net.

Blog Topics.

10.)Your bowel movements.
9.)Your hamster's exercise schedule.
8.)That strange itching, burning sensation.
7.)"I still can't believe it's not butter."
6.)Like, oh my God, like. [repeat 10x with random words in-between].
4.)[On a rainy day] Mud.
3.)Your dust bunny army from your living room is planning a pre-emptive attack on the dust bunny forces in your dining room.
2.)Your imaginary friend cheated on your other imaginary friend and you're incredibly frustrated.
1.)Why would you write a blog? That's what your pet monkey's for!

Lipsa asta de inspiraţie...
E haios punctul 3. I should have thought about that.

Song of the day:
The Pierces - Nobody knows
Lyrics of the day:
Nobody shows you if they love you
They try so hard to be above you

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